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How to improve your business performance using our top coaching & consulting firm.

We will come to your location to perform an extensive business operations review which includes the following:

  • Interview all key employees
BPC Consulting Inc.
  • Ride along with technicians reviewing client service tech relations and process
  • Review new equipment installation process interviewing installers and mgt team
  • Review last years, most recent YTD financial statements and balance sheets
  • Review all departmental processes, employee job descriptions and employee handbook
  • Review pricing, gross margins and accountability process
  • Review all Marketing and Sales processes
  • Review the current Maintenance Agreement program and sales process

Upon completion of the review, we will provide a thorough summary report documenting any/all of the identified gaps along with our recommended solutions. The report will include a time bound action item list that can be used for accountability and follow up, provided within two weeks from the on-site review.

Coaching that promotes accountability

What Our Business Coach Will Do For You...

Today, it's become a necessity to have a business coach. While you might think that having a business coach is a luxury, you also need to consider that your business simply may not be able to thrive without one.

BPC Consulting Inc.

A Business Coach is as important to your business as your accountant or your lawyer.

Things You Should Consider:
  • Do you have proven methods and strategies in place to build your customer base and grow your bottom line?
  • Do you and your employee's know who they are accountable to?
  • How objective are you about your business?
  • 1 A Business Coach is that extra set of eyes who can be objective about your business.
  • 2 A Business Coach will help you focus on the areas that need your focus.
  • 3 A Business Coach will help you to become accountable both to yourself and the market.
  • 4 A Business Coach works alongside you to implement new strategies into your business that will ultimately help you to grow your bottom line.

Coaching Areas:

If you have a passion for success and are willing to work hard for great rewards, it may benefit you to sign up for one of BPC's Business Coaching programs.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Team Building
  • Systems
  • Business Development
  • Maintenance Agreement Growth
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Operational Accountability

Most contractors have moved away from time and material pricing as it hinders them from charging what they need to charge to cover overhead and make a respectable profit. The customer are not accepting the higher hourly rates.

Using flat rate pricing or up front pricing there is no longer a labor rate or parts cost quoted. You would quote the customer one price for the repair up front before you do the job.

The customer likes to know the cost before the repair and can choose whether or not to have it done. Ninety five percent of customers will choose to go ahead with the repair.

You would charge a trip charge for each call in addition to the repair fee. If they decided not to go ahead with the repair you would still receive the trip charge to cover your expense.

For more information on getting set up with a service flat rate pricing program, click on this link below.

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Key Performance Indicators to ensure overall success.

KPI's {Key Performance Indicators}

Would you ever consider flying a plane across the country without a navigator?

You may get there but you might not be sure exactly when you would arrive or how.

Key Performance Indicators are the navigation system that you need to drive your business down the road to success.

Let our experts help you to establish baselines for appropriate measurement of Key Performance Indicators, (KPIs) that are crucial for your business success.

Without KPIs in place, it will be very unlikely to manage for success. With KPI’s in place, you will be able to manage better for success.

Efficient collection of consumer payments and financing for your services.

  • Online and Mobile Payments
  • Card card Acceptance
  • Easy, Instant Financing
  • Recurring Payment Plans
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Debit Purchasing Cards
  • Real-Time, In-Network Payments
  • Quick Books Integration
BPC Consulting Inc.

BPC Consulting, Inc. knows that one of the main issues that can hinder strong operational performance is the lack of a system of accountability within departments.

Therefore, we believe that it's critical to create a culture of accountability within your organization.

Our assessment will identify where gaps exist and our recommendations will then help to put new operational processes in place where they are needed to close those gaps.

Through our assessments we'll also help you identify and implement the critical components of your programs which will provide clarity to your employees on the areas which they will be accountable for.

As the complexity of your organization's structure continues to evolve as a direct result of strong operations, we can ensure that the foundation of your business' culture is strengthened and able to sustain growth through agility.

BPC Consulting Inc.


Every successful business needs an operating budget.

We can help make recommendations where you should make changes in your budget and budgeting processes.

No more second guessing, we will help you feel confident in the decisions that you are making.

We have a format template for you to use that will help guide you along the path to build a successful, achievable, time-bound forecast budget.

We provide a Marketing Budget Document that can be used to plan your expense per type of media used per month throughout the year. This helps keep focused and within your budget means. No more second guessing, we will help you feel confident in the decisions that you are making.