Implementing a new customer on-boarding process will dramatically help to improve the number of maintenance agreement customers and help to reduce cancellations.

We Can Help!

If you are interested in learning a new way to improve your Maintenance agreement customer base growth but are feeling that you do not have the proper sales and co-worker accountability process lined up, we personally visit your business location for a two day work shop, coach your Techs, CSR’s, management team and co-workers who are positioned to sell and manage your maintenance agreement customers.

BPC Consulting Inc.

Areas We Cover In The Work Shop

  • Present in seminar format the “Why and How’s of Maintenance Agreements
  • Implement a proven win-win process that grows your agreement customer base and reduces cancellations
  • Personally ride with technicians coaching on how to properly educate the customer so they choose to purchase an agreement on the spot
  • Sit with and coach the CSR’s on proper scripting to educate and on-board agreement customers at first contact
  • Set up goal boards updated daily, with achievable numbers for everyone to see. What gets measured gets accomplished
  • Review your existing maintenance agreement contract, pricing, sales incentives and process making suggestions where necessary
  • In conclusion, prepare a summary report with a time bound action item list that will help hold all co-workers accountable to the new process while achieving projected goals

What This Means To You: Contractor Benefits

  • Levels out the peaks and troughs in your business A foundation for profitable growth
  • Instills a new proven process for everyone to follow with accountability
  • Customers buy from people they know like and trust
  • Ride along with technicians reviewing client service tech relations and process
  • Builds higher levels of profit in your business
  • Future equipment replacement sales
  • Nearly guarantees demand service work
  • Builds lasting value in your business so when it is time to sell, you look good
  • Powerful customer retention program

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